Carlino Bedroom

 Queen Storage Bed Prada Grey) Queen Size 20-Crl-Queen-Storage Bed
 Queen Headboard ( Grey Pu) 51h – Queen Size 20-Crl-Queen-Headboard
 Nightstand (Prada Grey/ Marble) 25w X 18d X 22h 20-Crl-Nightstand
 Dresser (Prada Gri/ Marble) 51.5w X 18d X 34h 20-Crl-Dresser
 Dresser Mirror (Prada Grey) 39w X 27.5h 20-Crl-Dresser Mirror

Bold textures, colors, and innovations to elevate and modernize every room in the home. The Carlino Concept is an exclusive suite containing cohesive furniture collections for the living room, bedroom, dining room, and beyond. This concept checks every box on your home furnishing list, from tables, consoles, and wardrobes to sofas, chairs, and beds. Polished surfaces, gold trim accents, and velvety upholsteries are on trendy display throughout each collection. The pieces are crafted with durable materials, spacious storage, and performance fabrics for furniture that delivers as much convenience and longevity as it does chic contemporary style. 

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