Duru – Plato Dark Gray

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Duru – Plato Dark Gray

Armchair 37.4w X 33d X 33.8h 10-Dur-20773-01-1
Love Seat 61w X 33d X 33.8h 10-Dur-20773-02-1
3 Seat Sleeper 90.1w X 33d X 33.8h (72.4w X 43.3d Sleeper) 10-Dur-20773-03-1

The Duru Collection provides a fresh take on retro-inspired living room furniture. This collection includes a three-seat sofa, loveseat, and armchair – all with built-in storage so you can easily stash blankets, magazines and more. Each piece is able to transform into a sleeper bed, so you’ll always have a spot for midday naps or overnight guests. These pieces feature leatherette upholstery on the exteriors as well as performance upholstery on the interior seats for extra comfort and striking contrast.

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