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Mistral Living Room

 Accent Chair (Duca Navy) 31w X 39d X 39h 15-Mis-201625-01-0
 Love Seat (Duca Nav) 71w X 35d X 33h 15-Mis-201625-02-0
 3 Seat Sleeper (Duca Navy) 94w X 35d X 33h (75w X 42d Sleeper) 15-Mis-201625-03-0
 Rectangle Coffee Table( Opak White) 41w X 26.5d X 18h 85-Mis-Coffee Table
 Side Table (Opak White) 20w X 20d X 20.5h 85-Mis-Side Table
 Nesting Table( Opak White) 26w X 16d X 20.5h 85-Mis-Nesting Table
 Tv Stand (Opak White) 81w X 20d X 22d 20-Mis-Tv Stand

Opulent details and rich hues make a sophisticated statement in any room of the home. The Mistral Concept is an exclusive suite containing cohesive furniture collections for the living room, bedroom, dining room, and beyond. This concept checks every box on your home furnishing list, from tables, consoles, and wardrobes to sofas, chairs, and beds. Tastefully bold colors, chic gold accents, and eye-catching textures throughout this concept add an air of luxury to any space. The concept is littered with functional features like stain-resistant performance upholstery, ample storage space, and high quality materials crafted for comfort and long-lasting use.

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