Bellona Partners with One Tree Plant to Reduce Environmental Impact

Bellona is pleased to announce our new partnership with One Tree Plant, an organization committed to reforestation around the world. We couldn’t be more proud to join forces with them in their mission to reduce environmental impact and leave a lasting legacy of sustainability.

The mission of One Tree Plant is simple yet powerful – for every purchase online, one tree will be planted. To date, they have planted over 15 million trees in areas of greatest need around the world. Their work has had a positive impact on communities by providing food security, economic stability, and improved air quality. Additionally, the trees planted help offset carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

At Bellona, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future and preserving our environment for generations to come. We are thrilled to collaborate with One Tree Plant as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability initiatives. For every purchase at, one tree will be planted in an area of greatest need around the world; this way we can do our part in reducing our environmental footprint while supporting communities in need.

One Tree Plant works with local partners in developing countries like Ethiopia and Uganda who are knowledgeable about their local environments and understand the best approach for successful tree planting projects. This ensures that each tree planted is done so responsibly and sustainably without any negative impacts on the surrounding environment or local communities.

We’re so excited about our collaboration with One Tree Plant! Every purchase from Bellona helps support reforestation efforts around the world, which is critical for reducing climate change and improving economic stability for communities in need. Together we can make a difference by investing in sustainable initiatives that promote a healthy future for generations to come! Thank you for joining us on this journey!