Chair In A Box - With Storage

SKU: 15-CHA-201900-01-1

Chair In A Box - With Storage

SKU: 15-CHA-201900-01-1
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No assembly required! Chair In A Box comfortably seats one person, features neat stitch detailing on the sides, comes with a enclosed washable cover for easy maintenance, plus a reinforced frame for long lasting durability. It doesn’t end there – this functional piece also offers extra storage under the seat making it even more practical.

For people who love modern style without compromising on comfort – Chair In A Box is just what you need! Get yours today and enjoy being comfortable while adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings!

Product Detail
Chair 31w X 31l X 18h
Style Modern
Fabric Performance Fabric
Color Code One Tone 
Structure Solid Wood Frame, Environment Friendly Plastic Sofa Feet
Made in  Turkey
Built High Density Foam
Collection  B-Lifestyle
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