Bsleep 10-inch Cooler Memory Foam Mattress

Innovative Bsleep memory foam mattress with cooling technology.
Eco-friendly Bsleep mattress with plant-based flame retardant.
Comfortable Bsleep 10-inch mattress with gel-infused foam.
Durable Bsleep mattress with high-density foam base.
Breathable Bsleep mattress with quilted cooling fibers cover.
Adaptive Bsleep memory foam mattress for personalized comfort.

Bsleep 10-inch Cooler Memory Foam Mattress

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Unlock the secret to a refreshing night's sleep with the Bsleep 10-inch Cooler Memory Foam Mattress, designed for ultimate comfort and eco-friendly safety. This mattress features a quilted cooling fibers cover that wicks away heat, a layer of gel-infused ventilated memory foam for optimal temperature regulation, and a dynamic support foam layer that adapts to your movements. A plant-based flame retardant ensures safety without the use of harsh chemicals, all supported by a durable, high-density foam base. Experience sleep that rejuvenates your body and mind, thanks to cutting-edge cooling technology and superior materials.

  • Quilted cooling fibers cover for superior breathability and heat dissipation.
  • 1.5" gel-infused ventilated memory foam layer for cooling comfort.
  • Plant-based flame retardant layer for safety without harsh chemicals.
  • Dynamic support foam adapts to body movements for personalized comfort.
  • 7" high-density foam base for lasting support and durability.

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