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Versatile Mellow Chair: Modern design with performance fabric, perfect for lounging or hosting extra guests.

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Reliver Cloud Feel Firm Mattress

Reliever Mattress: Harnesses amethyst stone's properties to reduce static electricity for a restful sleep.
Innovative Sleep Technology: Features proprietary tech for constant airflow and temperature regulation
Amethyst Infused Comfort: Offers individualized support that contours to the body, targeting pressure points.
Historic Elegance Meets Modern Sleep: Integrates the energy of amethyst, known for protection against negative elements, into mattress ticking
Boyteks Innovation: Transforms the miraculous amethyst into a mattress ticking to enhance sleep quality and life

Reliver Cloud Feel Firm Mattress

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Relief from restless nights is just a sleep away with the Reliever Mattress. Featuring our proprietary technology, its ticking uses the highly beneficial properties of the amethyst stone to ward off static electricity that contributes to tossing and turning to give you an uninterrupted night’s sleep. This foam mattress delivers constant airflow for temperature regulation and individualized support that contours the body and targets pressure points for a slumber that’s tailored to you.

What is amethyst stone?

One of the most precious stones known throughout history… Gets its name from the Greek word Amethystus, meaning intoxicated. With its splendid color and glamorous effect, it has been a coveted element for many civilizations past and present… Along with its sparkling charm, the energy given off by the amethyst is one of the most effective and natural material in the world known to protect man against all the negative elements of daily life… Boyteks is known to discover each of nature’s miracles one by one and develop them into innovative sleep solutions. Now, the miraculous amethyst, used by many civilizations in the past, has been transformed into mattress ticking to improve the quality of life and maximize the sleep quality!

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Chair And A Half

Chair And A Half

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Enjoy comfort and style in its most compact and convenient form with Chair and A Half. This modern oversized chair is the perfect size for one person to spread out or two people to cozy up. A modern design boasts top to bottom button-tufting, clean lines for a sharp silhouette, and tapered natural wood legs. Transform this armchair from a seat to a sleeper with satisfying convenience by pulling the seat out with the pull-tab to reveal a comfortable mattress supported by a sturdy metal base. The removable back cushion doubles as a cozy pillow perfect for catching a quick nap or hosting an overnight guest. This chair is upholstered in a buttery soft performance fabric that’s available in three trendy color options and holds up impeccably against daily wear and tear, so you can enjoy its versatility for years to come.

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