Margo Dining Chair Set of 2

Margo Dining Chair Set of 2
Margo Dining Chair: Chic, contemporary design with velvety upholstery and nailhead details
Versatile Margo Chair: Perfect for casual to swanky gatherings with a tall rolled back
Sophisticated Margo Dining Chair: Features warm wood legs for a modern style boost
Durable Margo Chair: Upholstered in performance fabric for lasting family dinner elegance
Elegant Margo Dining Chair: Mingles soft colors with chic details for a contemporary feel
Stylish Margo Chair: Elevates dining spaces with nailhead embellishments and modern flair

Margo Dining Chair Set of 2

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The Margo Dining Chair is fit for any setting, from casual dinner parties to swanky gatherings. Chic details mingle with soft, inviting colors for a contemporary feel that fits in beyond the dining room. Modern style shines through with features like a tall rolled back, velvety soft upholstery, warm wood legs, and nailhead embellished sides that take any space to sophisticated new heights. This trendy chair is upholstered in a performance fabric that holds up through countless family dinners or friendly get-togethers.

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James Dining Chair: Sleek black legs and tall rolled back with button tufting for elegant dining.
Versatile Margo Chair: Perfect for casual to swanky gatherings with a tall rolled back

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