Montego Buffet

Montego Buffet Mirror with wood cabinet, vase, plant, and gold accents, adding vintage charm and practical storage to your dining area.
Vintage Montego Buffet Mirror with gold accents
Retro-inspired Montego mirror in chic design
Elegant Montego Buffet Mirror with marble finish

Montego Buffet

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Elevate your space with the Montego Buffet – where vintage charm meets modern functionality. Inspired by retro aesthetics, this mirror seamlessly complements the Montego Buffet, adding elegance with earthy tones and chic gold accents. Beyond its stylish appeal, it offers practicality with ample storage. Stain-resistant surfaces ensure longevity, making the Montego Buffet Mirror a timeless addition to your dining area.


Product Detail
Buffet Mirror 78.8W x 18D x 35H
Style Marble tempered finish 
Structure Wood,Gold Metal Legs
Made in  Turkey
Collection  Bellona Exclusive
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Bellona USA presents a diverse range of Buffet & Console furniture designed to elevate your home decor. The Montego, Lucida, and Mistral Buffets bring style and functionality to your dining or living area, offering ample storage and a touch of elegance. The Avenir and Arden Consoles are versatile pieces that fit seamlessly into various spaces. Montego Buffet's classic design adds sophistication to any room, while Lucida Buffet combines modern aesthetics with practicality. Mistral Buffet's sleek lines and storage options make it a versatile addition to your home. Avenir Console's minimalist appeal is perfect for contemporary spaces, and Arden Console's wood and metal combination adds an industrial touch. Explore our Buffet & Console collection to find the perfect pieces that match your style and storage needs.
In the Buffet & Console category, you'll discover an array of models to suit different tastes and interior styles. The Montego Buffet, with its classic charm and ample storage, is ideal for those seeking traditional elegance. Lucida Buffet combines modern aesthetics and functionality, making it a versatile choice. The Mistral Buffet, with its sleek lines and storage options, suits a variety of spaces. The Avenir Console is a minimalist's dream, perfect for contemporary interiors. Arden Console, with its wood and metal combination, adds an industrial edge to your decor. Each model is designed with quality and style in mind.