Sawyer 3 Seat Sleeper

SKU: 15-SAW-202183-03
Sawyer 3 Seat Sleeper
Modern Contemporary Style
Smooth Back Cushions
Built-in Storage Compartment
Effortless Sleeper Conversion

Sawyer 3 Seat Sleeper

SKU: 15-SAW-202183-03
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Elevate your living space with the Sawyer 3 Seat Sleeper Sofa in Corvet Anthracite. This modern muse offers a fresh take on classic contemporary style, featuring sleek proportions and clean lines that create a streamlined silhouette. With button-tufted seats and smooth back cushions, it offers a tasteful mix of textures. But that's not all – this sofa comes with a built-in storage compartment beneath the seat, perfect for blankets, pillows, and household essentials. Plus, it effortlessly converts into a comfortable sleeper for overnight guests in one simple motion. Conveniently packaged and shipped in a box, assembly takes just minutes once unpacked.

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