Twinsoft Queen Sleeper

Stylish and Comfortable Sleeper Sofa
Beatto Light Gray Twinsoft Queen Sleeper
Stylish and Comfortable Sleeper Sofa
Versatile Sleeper Functionality
Cozy Spot for Relaxing
Ideal for Hosting Guests
Bellona Quality and Craftsmanship
Transform Your Living Space

Twinsoft Queen Sleeper

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Introducing the Twinsoft Queen Sleeper, a remarkable addition to Bellona's sofa collection. Expertly crafted with comfort and versatility in mind, this sofa seamlessly transforms into a queen-sized sleeper, offering both style and functionality. The contemporary design, measuring 72"W x 40"D x 32"H, ensures a perfect fit for any living space.

Embrace the convenience of the sleeper functionality without compromising on style. The Twinsoft features high-quality fabric upholstery, providing a touch of luxury and durability. When in the bed position, the sleeper expands to a spacious 62"W x 77"D, offering a cozy retreat for a restful night's sleep.

Elevate your home with the Twinsoft Queen Sleeper – where fashion meets practicality in the world of modern sofas.
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